Getting carried away

driving alone I feel that I can't bear 
that stupid love song on the air 
you made me feel so good 
with your loving arms around me 
but now the world has turned 
upside down 

what would you say if I'd leave this place here 
with a suitcase in my hand 

you started teasing when I began to love you 
fooling around with the motorcycle boy 
I went mad with jealousy 
but you just had a laugh 
never could imagine being just a toy 

maybe I love you - maybe I need you 
getting carried away 
I lend you my heart but baby don't start 
to handle my pride without caution 

sitting in a bar 
trying to think it over 
that good old boys get ready to paint the town 
some airforce girls drinking Tequia 
I wonder why,wonder why I'm still around 

what it bother you at all 
maybe I love you..