Macho woman

Skulls and crossbones
tattoed all over your shoulder
When you pat me
it feels like being hit by a boulder
You're such a vicious girl
straight out of bondage hell
You say "Speed up!"
"You tedious idiot, get faster!"
High heeled and upright
you call me a creepin' disaster
Standing there in your black leather dress
you start whipping my T.V. set

You're my macho woman
and terror's you delight
I should get a heartattack
to keep you satisfied
Never seen such criminal energy so far if I
wanted to survive I'd get you a guitar

When we go out
everybody takes part in our romance
Uh, you love to
spank me in front of your girl friends
Can't find a word I guess
for your sensational tenderness

you are haunting through my life
Can't you see
Can't chasin' me over thin ice
Like a walking razor blade
you cut off my air supply